Remote Switch Stopcocks

Remote Switch Stopcocks and What They Do

Do you ever wish finding and turning off a traditional stopcock wasn’t so difficult sometimes?

First of all there is the difficulty of locating your stopcock (especially in an emergency, such as when your kitchen is rapidly turning into a swimming pool!), then when you finally find it, it is so long since you used it, it may have ceased up and you are unable to turn  it on and off.  Stopcocks are great if:

  1. You know where they are and they are easily accessible and…
  2. They are easily to operate – sadly this is not always the case.

But there is a simple solution

Remote Switch Stopcocks are now becoming very popular, as they are simple to use and can be located in a easily accessible place in your home.

The majority of remote switch stopcocks are based around a solenoid valve which simply opens or closes the water system (just like a manual stopcock).  Some can even monitor water pressure, flow rate and some can even detect leaks and automatically shut the system down.

Remote Switch StopcocksObviously using a remote switch stopcocks add a new dimension of convenience when dealing with burst pipes or household plumbing maintenance, along with the potential for saving water.

Remote switch stopcocks can be retrofitted to your existing plumbing system.

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For more information about stopcock go to our article here.

Remote Switch Stopcock picture available from Screwfix.

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