How to Find a Good Local Plumber?

How to find a good local plumber?

If you need a local plumber for some repair work, or if you have just moved house into a new area and need some urgent plumbing work done, then you will likely need the service of a professional plumber.
Your first port of call these days is probably to search on Google. One of the key things when searching for a local plumber is that they are ‘truly local’, often when you are searching online, Google will direct you to a tradesman website where you can search for plumbers and other trades people by town, location or postcode.

However when doing this, take these type of searches with a ‘pinch of salt’ because they may not be as accurate as you first believe. Most of these ‘Trade’ directories require tradesmen, including plumbers to open an account with the website, so you only see the plumbers that have ‘signed up’ with that particular website and they will usually have to ‘pay’ the website for the lead – now if you live in Leeds for example you may come across a directory website which has 3 Leeds based plumber on the website (These could be good or could be bad plumbers), however when you search for Leeds plumbers you may be shown 10 or more plumbers that ‘fit’ your criteria, depending on what the search ‘radius’ is for plumbers based in Leeds, you might actually see plumbers that are actually based in Wakefield or Bradford.

Does this cause a problem? Well, sometimes, because if you live in Leeds and your plumber ends up coming from Bradford, they have further to travel which might bump up their fee, or theyy may be late fighting through the traffic. And the next time you need a plumber, you might want them to come quickly, therefore local is often better.
How do you get around this problem, well first of all when you do your Google search, if you do end up on a tradesman directory, with a menu were you can search by local area, realise that the website you are on is just a ‘middle man’ to put you in touch with tradesmen, so even if you do find some ‘local’ plumbers In these directories, it is wise to make a note of the plumbers name and put that into Google search, you can then find out if they have a good up-yo-date website showcasing their work, are active on social media and have good reviews both on their website and on Google itself – these are all indicators you may have found a good plumber. Also on their website you may find their work address and a local telephone number, which will let you know if they truly are a local plumber.
Remember to always do your research on looking for a local plumber.

Choosing a good, local professional plumber may seem a little daunting, but going through the tips above will make a little easier.

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