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What is The Green Homes Grant and How Can It Help Me?

What is The Green Homes Grant and How Can It Help?

The Green Homes Grant is an new government initiative launching later in September, in which the government will pay two-thirds of the cost of energy-efficient home improvements up to the value of £5,000 per household.

The Green Homes Grant scheme will provide £2bn for improvement projects as part of a wider plan to cut carbon emissions.

All grants will be provided in the form of vouchers which can be used towards making specific energy-efficient improvements to homes.

It is claimed that using the vouchers could help families save an annual average of £200 on their energy bills.

The Green Homes Grant was announced in July stating the intention of helping homeowners make their homes more energy efficient.

The government has confirmed that applications will commence at the end of September, and the scheme will run until March 2021.

Insulation, double glazing and also heat pumps are among the eligible improvements under the Green Homes Grant  scheme.


What Does the Grant Cover?

Although the fine details are yet to be finalised, here is the information so far:

Primary measures

The voucher must be used to install at least 1 of the primary measures. This can be an insulation measure and/or a low carbon heating measure such as listed below.

Insulation measures

The following insulation measures are covered by the voucher:

  • solid wall
  • under floor
  • cavity wall
  • loft
  • flat roof
  • room in roof
  • insulating a park home
  • Low carbon heat measures

The following low carbon heating measures are covered by the voucher:

  • air or ground source heat pump
  • solar thermal (liquid filled flat plate or evacuated tube collectors)
  • biomass boilers


The grant will give homeowners and landlords vouchers to install:

  • Solid wall, cavity wall, floor or roof insulation
  • Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) or Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)
  • Solar thermal

Secondary measures

If you install a minimum of 1 primary measure, your voucher can be used to help cover the cost of any of the following secondary measures:

  • draught proofing
  • double/triple glazing (where replacing single glazed windows)
  • secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)
  • external energy efficient doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed before 2002)
  • heating controls
  • hot water tank thermostats and insulation

The amount you get towards the cost of secondary measures cannot exceed the amount you get for primary measures.

How Does the grant Work?

Your home will need to be deemed to have adequate insulation before it is eligible for the installation of low carbon heating.

Homeowners will have to make an online application to obtain a voucher, detailing the energy efficiency measures they wish to carry out.

The measures will be split into two categories: primary and secondary. Homeowners must install at least 1 measure from the primary category (See above) in order to qualify for the vouchers.

For further details and to apply go to:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-the-green-homes-grant-scheme

How Much are the Vouchers Worth?

Under the scheme, the government will pay at least two-thirds of the cost of home improvements that save energy, up to £5,000.

For example, if you were to have improvements installed for around £2,000, then the government would contribute around £1,333 and you,  the homeowner would pay around £666.

If you are on a low income and receive certain benefits, you can receive a voucher covering all of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of the voucher is £10,000.

Who is eligible for the grant?

To apply for the voucher, you must either:

  • own your home (including park home owners, long-leaseholders and shared ownership)
  • be a private or social landlord
  • Your property must be located in England to be eligible for the scheme.

Landlords cannot apply for the low-income portion of the scheme.

New-build properties that have not previously been occupied are ineligible for the scheme.

You cannot apply for the Green Homes Grant if you have already received a grant from your local authority as part of the Local Authority Delivery Scheme.

For further details and to apply go to:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-the-green-homes-grant-scheme

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