How to Hire a Professional Plumber

Need a professional plumber?  At some time or another we will all need a plumber.  Whether it is for an unexpected emergency repair or some major work such as re-fitting a bathroom.  But hiring a plumber isn’t always an easy task, and you may end up tying yourself in knots wondering about things like:  Will they be expensive, will I be able to trust them in my home, will they do a good job?

This short article gives you some straight-forward pointers to ensure that when you next need a plumber you find a professional, who will do a great job and won’t try to rip you off.

Professional Plumbing Qualifications

Plumbing is a skilled trade and as such any plumber that you look at hiring should have the relevant qualification to prove that he has learned his trade and is not somebody who has had some cheap business cards printed and now calls himself/herself a plumber.


professional plumberAnother thing you should check is the Plumber reputation, because even is they have all the qualifications, they may still be terrible to work with.  Reputations are easier to check nowadays with the aid of the internet – just pop the plumber’s name in google along with the word ‘plumber’ and you should find them easily, then check and read all the online reviews from previous customers that come up – at least 80% need to be positive.  Here are some real-life reviews for HJZ Plumbing Also ask friends and colleagues if they have used this plumber.

Payment/terms of work

When hiring your plumber make sure he provides you with a warranty on any work he does.  Also discuss the terms and schedule of payments, and his availability and when he would be able to do the work.  If you sort this out at the beginning of the project it will save you any problems further on done the line.


When you invite a plumber to your home to access the price/project you will want someone who treats you and your home with respect and are friendly.


A professional plumber should be able to provide you with an accurate estimate once he has assessed the project.  Everything should be upfront, so as to avoid any nasty surprises after the work is done.

Insurance for Professional Plumbers

Your plumber should be fully insured, so that if he breaks a pipe and floods your house you don’t need to got to court to be reimbursed.  Insurance protects both you and your plumber’s reputation.

Choosing a professional plumber may seem a little daunting, but going through the checklist above will make is much easier.

HJZ Plumbing offer all these benefits and more.  Just call 01482 236483 for an accurate estimate, superior work and great service, any time you need plumbing repair or installation work.

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