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How To Give Your Shower a Makeover

Your shower is perhaps one of the most essential fixtures in anyone’s bathroom. However, we often take it for granted. With just a little extra care and maintenance, we could seamlessly enhance the shower experience and enjoy something that feels practical, comfortable, and why not, even a bit luxurious! Please keep reading to learn more about how to give your shower a makeover and keep it in tip-top shape over many years of use.

Replacing Your Shower Head

One of the easiest and most effective ways to give your shower a makeover is to replace its head. The market has so many options. Whether you want something more traditional, or a stylish “rainfall” style water head, the possibilities are endless. The latter is an excellent implementation because it doesn’t subject your scalp and shoulder to massive water pressure, compared to a traditional showerhead, which would have most of its force focused on one single point. The evenly spread of water makes for a healthier, more pleasant experience.

Upgrade Your Shower Cabin

Old shower cabins might sometimes feel a bit dingy and underwhelming, especially after many years of use. Upgrading the cabin’s components is relatively easy and more affordable than you might think. However, you could also change stylistic direction if you want to try something new and if your space is suitable. For example, a frameless shower could be a great unique approach, as it will revitalize your space, giving it a sense of lush roominess and spaciousness.

Water-safe Outlets

Installing water-safe outlets in the vicinity of your shower could be a fun way to add more features to your shower experience. For instance, you could use the outlets to install mood lighting or a music system to help you relax!

In conclusion, these are only some of the many ideas that will help you give your shower an amazing makeover! You can use your taste and creativity to customize your experience and take your showers to the next level!

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